Aptoide v7.1.1.4

Aptoide is an appropriated business place for versatile applications which continues running on the Android working framework. In Aptoide, not under any condition like the default Google Play Store, there is not a stand-out and thought store but instead each customer manages their own store.

The Android application used to get to the stores is open source, and there are a couple forks, for instance, F-Droid. The correspondence between the client and servers is done using an open tradition in perspective of XML.

The thought is roused by the capable packaging chief, which can work with various sources (storage facilities). Exactly when the customer needs a group, they use the client to chase down sources where the application is secured.

The name Aptoide is formed from the words “Apt i.e. Appropriate” (the Debian group chief) and “oide” (the last syllable of “Android”).

Why Pick Aptoide?

In some coutries like China, Japan and others too Google Play Market does’t work they can go for Aptoide and pick the applications that they need just for nothing. Likewise it is anything but difficult to utilize and gives rich client interface.



Android customer

Aptoide client grants one to chase, check and present applications on the Android Cell phone. Aptoide is open in 17 dialects.

To acquaint Aptoide the customer needs with recuperate the APK (installable record) from the official site or other source in the Web. The foundation is not available through Google Play Store in light of 4.5 Non-battle state of Google Play Fashioner Allocation Understanding. This is the same stipulation that squares Amazon Appstore application to be available through Google Play. The foundation of Aptoide obliges customers to allow the foundation from “Dark sources” in Android settings.

After the foundation of Aptoide, the customer can incorporate stores (documents). Other than the default store (Applications), various others are available from different stores. Exactly when a store is incorporated using the URL of the store, Aptoide recoups the summary of the applications and stores it locally. The customer can then output in the applications or journey in the Web for various stores.

In June 2011, it was released Aptoide Uploader as a “sister” application from the same headway bunch. Aptoide Uploader is an Android application that licenses customers to exchange to an existent Aptoide store.

Aptoide uploader uses the available Aptoide Web administrations to exchange the application. The submitted APK record is kept in the customer’s store where they can administer.

For the customer that requirements to support their applications to a private store, it is judicious to use Aptoide Applications Fortification that keeps a record of the applications that are moved down. Each one of the applications in stores is supervised using a BackOffice as a piece of Aptoide site.

Aptoide Applications Fortification uses the web administrations to exchange the APK record to the store. To perceive what applications are starting now moved down, Aptoide Applications Fortification uses the info.xml XML record available in the store.


The correspondence between the Android client applications and the store is done using a XML record called info.xml. This report records the applications in the store to the fundamental information about each application available. Info.xml is open, and a point by point definition is accessible.

There are other two XML records: extra.xml and stats.xml.

Extra.xml contains extra data about the applications, for example, the full portrayal. The record “stats.xml” contains the downloads and likes of the open applications.


To Download Aptoide for your Cell phone gadget click on the adaptation underneath and there you run with your option for your Google Commercial center.

Adaptation Discharge Date Downloads 22 August 2016 3268 M 2507 M

6.5.3 July 2015 1880 M

6.3.0 April 2015 1424 M

6.2.3 – 1276 M

5.0.0 20 Walk 2014 –

4.1.3 22 July 2013 380 M

4.0.0 4 December 2012 150 M

2.7.1 2 August 2012 60 M

2.7 19 June 2012 44 M

2.6.2 April 2012 32 M

2.6.1 2 January 2012 22.9 M

2.6 20 January 2012 17.4 M

2.5.4 22 December 2011 14 M

2.5.3 2 November 2011 9.1 M

2.5.2 22 September 2011 6.8 M

2.5.1 22 June 2011 2.1 M

2.5 3 June 2011 2 M

2.4.1 May 2011 1.5 M


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