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Are you looking for Google Market Place alternative? Then you must be knowing about Aptoid market place. In this article, I have provided aptoide download link so that you can install the Aptoide apk on your android.

It cannot be denied that Google play store is solely the official market for android games and applications where we can download a huge number of premium and free applications easily.

But due to the availability of such immense number of applications and games in Aptoide marketplace, it can undoubtedly be called as the best alternative to Play Store.

What Aptoide Apk Provides

In the present market, no other platform is able to provide such a lot of amazing applications and games apart from Play Store and Aptoide. You can download any applications or games you like from this Aptoide Android Application.

Aptoide Provides Best Apk Apps Easily

This marketplace is really growing at a rapid pace. It has been released recently and in a very short period of time, it has attained more than 300 million downloads.

That being said, in this article, we are going to bring you complete details of this application, its features, how you can have aptoide installer and use it according to your convenience.


Features of Aptoid App:

In order to gain access to this application and the vast marketplace, you need to download the Android Aptoide Apk file on your phone. Now, you need to remember that this application is a competitor of Google Play Store and this is why you have to get it from external sources.

After that, you have to install this app on your device (android Smartphone or tab that you are using). The best feature of this app is you can get the apk file of this app for all the versions of Android Operating Systems.
Apart from this convenience, Aptoide comprises of innumerable features. Here are some of them.


First of all, you won’t have to spend a single penny on downloads and all these applications and games can be downloaded completely free. Compatibility is another reliable feature of this App Store. You can use it for both the android Smartphone and tablets.

Also, the apps and games can be viewed categorically according to their ranking by previous users.

Get apps by ranking through aptoide apk


Why do you need Aptoide Apk Application?

This is a common question that comes in mind of a huge number of individuals that why would they opt for Android Aptoide marketplace. Well, the following are the reasons, check them out now!

The Aptoid app is perfect for those who are unable to access Google Play Store. And if you are facing the same problem of Google Play Store not opening on your device, then this is going to help you.

It happens a lot of times that after rooting their devices people are not able to access Google Play Store and cannot install any apps. This is a common problem with the android. Any software update or a reboot might not allow you to access the Play Store, but with the Aptoide Apk application, your problem will be solved.


Download and install Aptoide Apk on Android devices:

If you want to enjoy the applications and games offered by Aptoide, then the following steps will guide you through the installation procedure.

1) Now, first things first. You need to download the aptoide apk file from the below given link.

Aptoide Apk

Please support us, use one of the buttons below to share and unlock Aptoide apk file.
2)A huge number of sources are available on the internet. And since this one is a third party application you need to go to phone settings and enable unknown sources through “Settings”> security> enable unknown sources.

3)After the download of Aptoide Apk, copy the file on your device. If you have directly downloaded on your phone or tab, then you can go to the “downloads” of you android device.

4) After copying the file, tap on the Apk to install the file. You shall receive a pop-up message and click on yes to install it.

5) Once the app is installed, you can see the Aptoid icon on the home screen. Once you tap on the icon, you shall see the latest and trending applications and games on this app store.


Additional things to know about Aptoide:

It is really easy to weave through the huge number of applications since there are categorized divisions for applications and games. Thus, it won’t be difficult at all for you to look for hot and trending apps or games. On the main menu, you can also see the editor’s choice applications. These are the apps specifically selected by the editors.

To offer a friendlier functionality and interface, aptoid app is updated regularly so you shall be updated with all the latest applications and games that are released in the market. Also, you can select the auto update where all applications shall be updated and you can use the current version.

There are options to make internal applications private within Aptoide. Also, for those who are using the Aptoide, they can form a centralized account where they can manage all apps downloaded by your employees through Aptoide apk.

Aptoide web version

This is an integrated application and to get your hand on innumerable apps, the only thing that you need is the apk file. The apk file of Aptoid has been updated recently and the present version is Aptoide

The update makes it smoother to use and in the latest version, you just need to think which genre of application you are going to download. The search the genre and download your favorite app.

The app is available in different languages including French. It is free and when downloading from external sources you won’t have to spend any money on it. This application is going to be a really good thing for you. And also, it can be kept as a backup app for Google Play Store in case you are looking to reboot your Android device.


Is Aptoide Mobile Apk safe to use?

The Aptoid application is currently offering more than 300000 applications and from the name is can be derived that the APT-style repositories are used by this application. If you have used the Linux OS for windows, then you shall be habituated with this operating format.

But if you have not used Linux before, then also it won’t be difficult at all for you. It will also let you have your own private repository for sharing the apps within different devices. With the format of Linux operating features, you can rest assured that this app is completely safe for your device.

Aptoide assures the security through the certification program offered by editors for monitoring the apps.

The applications offered by this App Store are completely free so you won’t need a “license server”. There is related information regarding the package description, which indicates safety measures like signature validation, malware scan and also third party validation.

Well, you might be afraid to trust since this info could be faked or manipulated, but the application has been reviewed by a huge number of users. Thus, we are completely confident that this application is trustworthy. The Aptoide Anti-malware platform analyses different applications while it is running and also disables the potential threats from all stores.


What do you need to be careful about?

It has been removed from Google play Store and when you download the Apk file from external sources, you also need to be careful that there are two-three applications named “Aptoide” in Google play, but those apps don’t work. Always download the APK file of Aptoide from external sources.

With the initial release (the 5.0 version), the interface and design were not very popular, but the latest update has brought a complete change in the user interface and since then it has received immense popularity and downloads.


No more political barriers

Sometimes there are particular apps and games that are not even available in Google play, like Flappy Birds. These games and apps can be availed in Aptoide. Since Aptoide is available in the international market, users from Cuba and China can also have this application where Google Play is not available for political reasons.

The applications offered in Aptoide, are actually intended to work with Google Play services, and this is why it is a good choice for downloads on those devices which can’t access Google play.


The economic policy

The economic policy of this App Store is also a bit more generous than Google Play services. For instance, in Aptoide, the creator of an app gets 75% of revenues generated while for the Google Play; the creator gets 70% of the revenues generated.

The new design of this App Store is actually a motivation for those developers who want to create their own app store. And the next thing is Aptoide offers manufacturers with the tools so that you do not have to rely on the Google Play services. Thus, it cannot be denied that Google is facing intense competition in Android market.

Download aptoide apk here


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